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Have you ever wondered how all of those black chewing gum spots are removed from concrete? Removing all that gum is a common practice at many commercial properties. Look at the entrance of any gas station, grocery store, and you will most likely see the remnants of chewing gum stuck to the concrete.  Aside from being ugly, gross, and unattractive, it also invites others to follow suit and discard their gum on the concrete as well. 

Gum on shoe.jpg

Due to the chemical makeup of chewing gum, and the acidity of the saliva it's smothered in, gum should be removed as soon as possible! Much like oil on a driveway, there is a much better chance of concrete being damaged when the gum has been on the surface for an extended period of time and in extreme cases, gum can even etch concrete. This honest and reliable pressure washing company in San Antonio wants to give your business a hand and make your storefront look great!

There are many other methods for gum removal that work safely, however, medium pressure and hot water will pop that gum right off the surface. This process is by far the most efficient and reliable method. Call us today for a free quote. 

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